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  • Rezo Gabriadze – Histories

    This documentary is covering a year in life of Rezo Gabriadze where he has 3 major projects
 to complete – the first is a premiere of his new puppet play “Ramona”, the second is his personal exhibition of his works in Pushkin museum of fine arts in Moscow and the third one is publishing a book of his art.

    Poster REZO GABRIADZE Histories

    It would have been just a fascinating making off, if Rezo wasn’t such a great storyteller. In this film Rezo tells stories about his private life and through his eyes we can see the history of the last 70 years where real and imaginary parts are mixed. Not only he tells his stories he also illustrates them with drawings that come alive.

    Written by Rezo Gabriadze

    Directed by Leo Gabriadze

    Second Feature – Animated Documentary – Russia

    f2.8 Coproducer

    Coproduction Russia / France




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