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  • Enemies Of The People

    1972, Leo is arrested on his wedding night in Tirana. His crime: as geological engineer in charge, the Earth failed to produce oil in Albania.
    1989, the head of a Western Human rights delegation visiting Albania asks to see his long-time-no-see Albanian exchange schoolmate Leo.
    Njazi, the Albanian official counterpart has now two major issues to deal with: he has to get Leo out of one of the most inhumane prisons he himself jailed him in 18 years ago, making Leo testify that political prisoner do not exist in Albania, and he has to put an end to his son’s crush on a girl who turns out to be Leo’s daughter…

    Directed by Robert Budina

    Albanian First Feature – Black Comedy

    f2.8 acting as Co-Producer

    Albania / France coproduction



    Luis Cifuentes' last short at Director's Fortnight 2013.
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