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    Trained as an aeronautical engineer at Centrale Lyon, France and Imperial College, London, UK, and as a banker at BNPParibas in Moscow, STEPHANE ZAJDENWEBER has a 15 years record in the film industry.

    Sorbonne Media Master Alumni, he started within leading indie distribution / exhibition group Bac Films as investment coordinator of 7 multiplex projects (total investment 35M€). He then moved to Financial & Legal, within the same company. Stephane finally joined Wild Side (Wild Bunch group) as Head of Business Affairs, and has been Chief Financing Officer there since 2006.

    Experienced in heavy project coordination, team management, financial engineering and with a sharp knowledge of rights management, he decided to put up his own company to bring to screens the films he likes to see.
    Passionate photographer himself, traveller in most of Latin America and Russia / Central Asia, Stephane speaks fluently 4 languages. EAVE alumni, expert and tutor for various EU-funded film bodies, he sits in several film funding commissions in Europe

    His love for cinema, network, language and business skills are now fully devoted to film production, and to 3 features and an artistic animated documentary in development.

    Luis Cifuentes' last short at Director's Fortnight 2013.
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    I WANT TO LIVE HER LIFE selected in Cannes.
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    I WANT TO LIVE HER LIFE's teaser is online.
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