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  • From distribution to production

    f2.8 Pictures is a French production company created by Stephane Zajdenweber, former Chief Financial Officer at Wild Side, part of Wild Bunch Group.

    f2.8 Pictures is looking for fresh innovative feature projects coming from countries where the equilibrium between talents’ potential and local market and industry abilities is not properly reached. We aim to bring to light those talents focusing on film projects with accurate look on local subjects (Latin America, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia) having a deep meaning in European societies nowadays.
    We are looking for original scripts or ideas that come together with a director, and eventually, a producer from originating country. We want to follow the project from earliest stage possible, following up script writing, redrafting and translating, to and postproduction, helping to find international co-producers, supports, festivals and international sales.
    We propose to be a useful partner all along project’s life, initiated or not by us, bringing a deep knowledge of European French speaking markets and international financing sources.

    Luis Cifuentes' last short at Director's Fortnight 2013.
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    I WANT TO LIVE HER LIFE selected in Cannes.
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    I WANT TO LIVE HER LIFE's teaser is online.
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